What Do Other Parents Think?

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    As you can imagine, our house has often been a rollercoaster of emotions, with one athlete being on a high, whilst the other is on a low. I would have loved the opportunity to speak to other parents in the same situation to find out how they managed to find the right balance between enjoying one athlete’s performance, whilst being sensitive to the fact that the other athlete was bitterly disappointed.

    Mum of International Athletes Joe & Hannah Brier

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    The Parent Hub would have been such a great resource for us to have in Alisha’s early days of her career. We honestly didn’t know a thing about Team selections/funding/dealing with the highs and lows of supporting a young athlete, so any advice from others in the same situation would have been really helpful.

    Mum of Scottish 60m & 100m Record holder

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    As a parent of an up-and-coming athlete, The Parent Hub will be great! We can all help each other with advice or information. It can be a minefield out there!

    Mum to recent British U20 400mH Record Holder

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    Amber Anning

    As parents of sporty children, we all have questions, experiences and concerns, and having a safe space where we can talk, connect, share and learn is fantastic. The Parent Hub is a much-needed resource which will support many of us now and in the future.

    Mum of Great Britain Sprinter Amber Anning