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Wouldn't it be nice if parenting an athlete was easy?

You say the right thing every time after they've had a disappointing performance.

You know they're putting the right things into their body to optimise their recovery and wellbeing.

You know exactly what you're doing and your athlete wins every time they perform - amazing!

But it's not as simple as that, is it?

Parenting an athlete can be a complete minefield of guesswork, emotion, learning things the hard way, and constantly second guessing yourself.

Right now, you're probably wishing you could wave a magic wand and ensure your athlete becomes the person you know they can be, in and out of sport.

Welcome to the world of athlete parenting!

It's so much fun, and an incredibly rewarding journey.

But it's not easy by any means.

And the fear of not doing the right things, or not knowing how you can help can be paralysing.

We want to let you into a little secret....


We've teamed up with experts, professional athletes and other parents just like you to create the ultimate athlete parent resource to stop you second-guessing yourself.

Every athlete parent has done this too.

If you think you're the only one. If you think you're alone.

If you're wondering how everyone else has their athlete's nutrition or mindset under control, or knows how to support their child through the highs and lows without any drama...

When in reality... everyone is struggling just as much as you are, they don't know what they don't know and wish they could have some confirmation they're doing the right thing.

But there is so much to learn... I don't have the time or even know where to start?!

That's where we come in.


The Athlete Parent Place

The Athlete Parent Place is the ultimate resource for parents of aspiring athletes, teaching you everything you could need to help your athlete achieve their dreams in sport and beyond.

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up:

11 Online Guidance Modules You Can Use Immediately

Annual access to the everything the platform has to offer, including highly-practical videos and evidence-based information to help you help your athlete.

Get Guidance from the Athletes Your Children Aspire to Be Like

Our platform includes interviews, guidance, motivation and so much more from the exact athletes your children are watching on TV! They were just like your athletes...

... And the Experts Working with These Same Athletes!

Learn from leading experts to ensure everything you learn is exactly what you need, e.g: Performance Canteen, Sandy Wilson, Dr Phil Hurst and so many more to come.

Learn on the Go

Access our content at home or on the move with our website or mobile app, such as whilst your athlete is training or on your commute to work.

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Topics Include:

Each of the topics below are made up of lived experience, guidance from elite athletes and experts which include evidence-based information, downloadable resources, videos and so much more.

General Nutrition:

✔️  Nutrition: The Basics (Protein, Fats, Carbs Etc.)

✔️  Hydration

✔️  The Importance of Good Nutrition

✔️  Nutritional Tips and Mistakes

Training and Competition:

✔️  Pre-Training Nutrition

✔️  Post-Training Nutrition

✔️  Competition Day Nutrition

Fuelling for Sport:

✔️  Implications of Under Fuelling

✔️  Athletes Need a LOT of Food

Parental Influence:

✔️ Parents: Nutritional Role Models

Coming Soon:

  • Veggies and Vegans
  • RED-S / Energy Deficiencies
  • Hydration
  • Dangers of Supplements
  • Downloadable Recipes
  • Shopping Lists
  • School Nutrition (Packed Lunch Ideas etc.)
  • University/College Survival

Content Includes:

✔️  The Sport-Life Balance

✔️  Mental Health in Sport

✔️  Athlete Burnout

✔️  Perfectionism

✔️  Anxiety

✔️  Self-Worth

✔️  Life After Sport

✔️  Eating Disorders

✔️  Body Dysmorphia

The Highs:

✔️  Dealing with Success

✔️  Enjoyment

✔️  Different Progression Rates

The Lows:

✔️  Dealing with Disappointment

✔️  Dealing with Injury

✔️  When Your Athlete Is Struggling

Supportive or Pushy?:

✔️  Benefits of Supportive Parents

✔️  Supportive or Too Pushy?

✔️  What to Say and When

✔️  As Your Athlete Gets Older

Content Includes:

✔️  Goal Setting

✔️  Junior to Senior Transition

✔️  Motivation

✔️  Pressure

✔️  Fixed vs Growth Mindset

✔️  Visualisation & Mindfulness

✔️  Switching Off

✔️  Self-Discipline

✔️  Confidence

✔️  Resilience

Family Impacts:

✔️  Sibling Impacts

✔️  Spouse/Partner Impacts

✔️  Getting the Balance Right

✔️  Supporting an LGBTQ+ Athlete

Financial Support:

✔️  Financial Considerations

✔️  Resources and Useful Links

Benefits of Sport:

✔️  Parental Benefits

✔️  Athlete Benefits

Relatable Topics:

✔️  Advice to Younger Athletes

✔️  Parents Create the Opportunities

✔️  Parenting a Younger Athlete

✔️ "Parents Are the Unsung Heroes of the Sporting World"

✔️  An Olympic Athlete's Views on Their Parents' Support

Coming Soon:

  • Para Sport
  • Ethnic Minority Groups
  • Female Athlete Content

Balancing Sport & Education:

✔️  School-Sport Balance

University: Yes or no?

✔️  Should Athletes Go to University?

✔️  Do Your Research on University

✔️  Delaying University as an Option/Alternatives

✔️  Top UK Universities: Sport

Student-Athlete (University/College):

✔️  New Training Setups

✔️  The University Environment

✔️  Athlete-Only Accommodation

✔️  Gaining Independence at University or College

✔️  Impact on Parents

NCAA (American Universities):

✔️  American Universities: How Does it Work?

  • NCAA Experiences (coming soon)
  • NCAA Top Colleges (coming soon)

Sleep for Performance:

✔️  The Importance of Sleep for Performance


✔️  Types of Sleep

✔️  Getting Enough Sleep

✔️  Caffeine on Sleep

Tips for Better Sleep:

✔️  How to Improve Sleep

Practical Information:

✔️  Useful Links & Resources


✔️  Introduction to Anti-Doping/Clean Sport

✔️  How Drug Testing Works

✔️  Supplements: The Risks

✔️  Anti-Doping: Tips for Parents


✔️  Useful Links and Resources


✔️  Introduction to Safeguarding

✔️  What Constituted Unacceptable, Reportable Behaviour?

✔️  Grooming


✔️  Speaking Out & Reporting

✔️  Overcoming Abuse: For Athlete & Parent

Real Experiences:

✔️  Our Safeguarding Story


✔️  How Athletes Want Parents to Behave

✔️  Befriending Other Parents Really Helps!

✔️  Respect the Officials

Practical Support:

✔️  Finding & Entering Competitions

✔️  What to Take With You

✔️  Travel & Accommodation


✔️  Finding the Right Club & Coach

✔️  Changing Clubs

✔️  Changing Coach or Training Group

✔️  Getting into Coaching / Volunteering

✔️  Making the Most of Your Time as a Parent


✔️  Specialising vs Generalising (Events/Sports)

✔️  How Often Should my Athlete Train?

✔️  How Does Training Differ Throughout the Year?

✔️  The Training Environment

Coming Soon:

Strength & Conditioning (S&C / Gym):

  • What's the Difference Between 'Gym' and 'S&C'?
  • When Should My Athlete Start Going to the Gym?
  • What are the Implications of Starting too Soon?
  • What Should They Be Doing?
  • Should Young Athletes Be Supervised?

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Hi, I'm Joe Fuggle!

Having previously been schools county champion and multiple National Age-Group Champion, I went on to represent Great Britain in the 400m hurdles. I graduated from Loughborough University with a Sports Science degree where I was also Captain of the athletics team and set up The Athlete Place!

Using my experience and expertise, and with the help of my mum, I've created The Athlete Parent Place to inspire, educate and support the next generation of athletes and their parents.




Believing your athlete has what it takes and watching them reach their goals is every parents dream but you’ll also want to know you’ve done everything you can to help them get there.

To help me achieve my goals, my mum, Caroline, went out of her way to find out all she could about nutrition, psychology and everything else (literally)... Our platform has been designed to save you all of this effort! All the information you could need is now in one neat place.

So, for those who want to go the extra mile… this platform has been created to help you gain a better understanding of areas that impact sport performance and athlete wellbeing whilst also showing you how YOU can help your athlete.



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Athletes and Parents Love Our Platform

  • The Athlete Place

    “I wouldn't be where I am without the support my parents give me...They've fed me with belief and have spent the last 8 years driving me up and down the country to meets and training to help me turn my dreams into a reality! It's important they get support too so they know how important they are in our journeys and can continue to help us along the way, The Athlete Parent Place offers exactly that".
    (📸 rexfeatures)”

    Olympic, World, Commonwealth & European 800m Medalist AND World indoor 600m Record Holder!

  • The Athlete Place

    “I was particularly enamoured and drawn to the innovation of the platform. I have two children of my own, and they will no doubt face similar challenges. So I want to know how best I can support them through the sometimes difficult periods.”

    CEO, England Athletics

  • The Athlete Place

    “As you can imagine, our house has often been a rollercoaster of emotions, with one athlete being on a high, whilst the other is on a low. I would have loved the opportunity to speak to other parents in the same situation to find out how they managed to find the right balance between enjoying one athlete’s performance, whilst being sensitive to the fact that the other athlete was bitterly disappointed.”

    Mum of International Athletes Joe & Hannah Brier

  • The Athlete Place

    “The Athlete Parent Place would have been such a great resource for us to have in the early days of Alisha's career. We honestly didn’t know a thing about Team selections/funding/dealing with the highs and lows of supporting a young athlete, so any advice from others in the same situation would have been really helpful.”

    Mum of Scottish 60m & 100m Record holder, Alisha

  • The Athlete Place

    “As a parent of an up-and-coming athlete, The Athlete Parent Place will be great! We can all help each other with advice or information. It can be a minefield out there!”

    Mum of recent British U18 400mH Record Holder, Onyeka

  • The Athlete Place

    “As parents of sporty children, we all have questions, experiences and concerns, and having a safe space where we can talk, connect, share and learn is fantastic. The Athlete Parent Place is a much-needed resource which will support many of us now and in the future.”

    Mum of Great Britain Sprinter Amber Anning


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The Athlete Parent Place is a platform that caters to parents and young athletes across all sports. The content is designed to be relatable no matter the sport, using athletics as initial examples, but the outcomes remain the same regardless of the sport. We are adding content from other sports as we go and can't wait to see where this takes us.

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