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The Athlete Parent Place is the game-changing athlete parent guidance resource that everyone is talking about.

YOU have a dream to help your athlete achieve their sporting dreams.

WE have the guidance, support and community to make it happen.


Wouldn't it be nice if parenting an athlete was easy?

You say the right thing every time after they've had a disappointing performance.

You know they're putting the right things into their body to optimise their recovery and wellbeing.

You know exactly what you're doing and your athlete wins every time they perform - amazing!

But it's not as simple as that... is it?

Parenting an athlete can be a complete minefield of guesswork, emotion, learning things the hard way, and constantly second guessing yourself.

Right now, you're probably wishing you could wave a magic wand and ensure your athlete becomes the person you know they can be, in and out of sport.

Welcome to the world of athlete parenting!

It's so much fun, and an incredibly rewarding journey.

But it's not easy by any means.

And the fear of not doing the right things, or not knowing how you can help can be paralysing.

We want to let you into a little secret....

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We've teamed up with experts, professional athletes and parents just like you to create the ultimate athlete parent resource to stop you second-guessing yourself.

Every athlete parent has done this too.

If you think you're the only one. If you think you're alone.

If you're wondering how everyone else has their athlete's nutrition or mindset under control, or knows how to support their child through the highs and lows without any drama...

When in reality... everyone is struggling just as much as you are, they don't know what they don't know and wish they could have some confirmation they're doing the right thing.

But there is so much to learn... I don't have the time or even know where to start?!

That's where we come in.

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