The National Schools Championships: Stepping Onto The Big Stage

ESAA 2013 3

I can remember it like it was yesterday, 5th July 2013, Alexander Stadium, Birmingham... day one of our five-year English Schools journey that saw Joe 'crowned' English Schools Champion twice. But... it nearly didn't happen*.

For those of you who haven't yet come across the Schools Athletics Association Championships, here's a brief intro:

About the Schools Athletics Association Championships

As the name suggests, the championships are the annual finale of school-based athletics competitions held i…

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Young athletes: Specialise or generalise?

official pulling javelin trolley

Arriving at their local athletics club for the first time with their young, would-be athlete, parents can often be heard saying things like “my child’s a sprinter”, “my child’s a distance runner”, “my child’s a high jumper”, etc.  But, how can you know that if they've not had a chance to try something else? And how much of this certainty comes merely off the back of a school sports day win, or worse still, the parent’s own preference for an event?

Using ourselves as an example of how disastrous …

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