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Competition (athletics-specific)

Knowing how to support your athlete before, during, and after their competitions is a fundamental part of athlete parenting. Get it right and you’re giving your athlete a serious helping hand toward achieving their performance goals.

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 Competitions... There's so Much to Learn

🎥 6:22

 How Athletes Want Parents to Behave

🎥 6:41

Befriending Other Parents Really Helps!

🎥 3:11

Respect the Officials

🎥 3:41

Let Your Athlete Gain Independence

🎥 5:13

Getting to Competitions

🎥 4:57

Lift Sharing

🎥 1:25

Same Day vs Night before Travel

🎥 1:33

Control the Controllables

🎥 1:08

Stepping up when the Pressure Is On

🎥 3:00

Finding and Entering Competitions

🎥 1:30

What to Take with You

🎥 5:58

Competition Day Nutrition - the Practicalities

🎥 3:12

Competition Day Nutrition - Funny Story

🎥 1:24

When Athletes Gain Independence - a Parent's View

🎥 1:38

When Parents Aren't 'Needed' - a Parents View

🎥 9:55

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