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The Importance of Sleep for Performance

The Importance of Sleep for Performance

Sandy Wilson - Sleep Expert:

Sandy is a PhD student researching the impact of sleep on student-athletes. As a former Scotland international sprinter, Sandy knows firsthand the sleep-related struggles faced by athletes and parents.

Learning Outcomes:

Poor sleep can impact athletic performance in many ways. Conveying the importance of sleep to young athletes can be difficult.

Actionable Steps:

  • The benefits of better sleep are hard to ‘see’ making it difficult for young athletes to appreciate.

  • The many individual improvements that occur from good sleep are often hard to detect but, when added together, result in visible performance improvements.

  • Inadequate sleep quantity and quality can impact many areas that affect athletic performance, eg. a poor night’s sleep can lead to poor food choices the following day, leading to inadequate fuelling, resulting in poor performances at that day’s training session.

  • They might feel they can ‘get away’ with limited sleep but the reality is, with better sleep, everything, from physical performance to focus, will be better.

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