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Pre-Training Nutrition

Pre-Training Nutrition

Performance Canteen

Meet Kate Shilland (MSc ANutr) and Fran Taylor (RNutr) of Performance Canteen, registered Sports and Public Health Nutritionists (AfN). 

Learning Outcome:

Importance of food type and timing on training days. High-energy carb ideas. Optimal pre-training nutrition can be personal. Why cereals are great and when white bread is better!

Actionable Steps:

  • On training days, keep the “fuel gauge on green”.

  • Provide a breakfast and lunch that contain good carbs, protein, fats, and colour.

  • Provide a substantial healthy snack 2-3 hours before training plus a smaller snack 1 hour before training.

  • Provide fortified cereals, a great source of vitamins and minerals, essential for growing bodies.

  • Remember: Athletes respond differently to different foods, timings, etc. What works for one athlete might not for another. Find what works/doesn’t work.

  • Simpler carbs, eg. a white bread sandwich as opposed to one made from wholemeal bread, are best in the run-up to training commencing.

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