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Your Athlete does not Need Supplements...

Your Athlete does not Need Supplements...

Phil Hurst, Former GB Athlete and Senior Lecturer in Sport Psychology

Phil also has research interests in the psychology of doping, ergogenic aids, and the placebo effect.


Learning Outcomes:

Your athlete doesn’t need protein shakes for recovery… Your athlete doesn’t need any supplements! By not using supplements the risk of accidental doping through contaminated products is removed. Peer pressure and social influence can make it hard for young athletes to challenge the norm.

Actionable Steps:

  • From an early age, make your athlete aware of the fact that all their nutritional requirements can come solely from a good healthy diet.

  • Make sure they understand that by choosing to not take supplements they are removing the risk of accidental doping through contaminated products.

  • Don’t fall for the “I need protein powder/shakes” thing. Protein powder is a supplement that can be contaminated… Providing well-balanced, nutritious meals that include sources of protein is all that’s needed.

  • Top Tip: Easy, no-hassle post-training protein ‘recovery’ drink suggestion: add four( ish) teaspoons of Nesquik milkshake powder to a 1 pint plastic milk container, fill with whole milk, shake well, and put in training bag. Simple!

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