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The Sibling Balancing Act

The Sibling Balancing Act

Seamus Derbyshire, Team GB 400m Hurdler

Learning Outcomes:

Finding ways to avoid feelings of favouritism amongst siblings can be challenging.

Actionable Steps:

  • Encourage your other kids to show an interest in/help support their athlete sibling. This can be easier said than done, especially if they’re teenagers… but you can at least try!

  • If other siblings are not into sports, try to limit sport-conversations during family time, saving these instead for time alone with your athlete, eg. driving to and from training.

  • Avoiding feelings of favouritism amongst siblings can be tricky, especially if one of your children is excelling as an athlete. If you can, find ways to prioritise them via time and by ensuring you show an interest in their lives.

  • It can become problematic if the same parent always acts as the athlete’s support provider. If you have a partner, share the athlete-support responsibilities to enable both of you to spend time with all of your children.

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