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Advice to Young Athletes Wanting to Go to University

🎥 2:22

Should Athletes Go to University?

🎥 0:58

The Problem with Early Success

🎥 3:05

 School-Sport Balance

🎥 5:17

The Sport-Life Balance

🎥 5:59

Should Your Athlete Go to University?

🎥 5:27

Advice to Parents of Athletes, Preparing to Leave School - an Athlete's View

🎥 3:24

Delaying University as an Option...

🎥 4:01

Which Universities Are Best for Sport

🎥 2:03

American Universities: How Does It Work?

🎥 4:29

When You Athlete Goes to University

🎥 4:42

Communicating when Your Athlete Leaves Home

🎥 3:16

Gaining Independence at University - an Athlete's View

🎥 4:45

Balancing education and sport - an athlete's view

🎥 4:15

University Environments Can Be Intense - an Athlete's View

🎥 3:34

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