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We offer bespoke packages to institutions and larger teams across all sports. Keep reading for why you should too.



Personalised Platforms

For organisations that wish to maintain their brand identity and offer a seamless user experience consistent with their existing services, we offer a white-label licensing option. This option provides the opportunity to customise the platform's branding, content, and user interface.

*Very limited availability


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Standard Licensing

Partner organisations can access our athlete and parent guidance platforms with a straightforward and transparent fee structure. This model is ideal for organisations that want to benefit from the platform's features without the need for extensive customisation or limited funds.


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Partner Discount

This option allows ultimate flexibility. Simply promote our platform to your athletes and parents to sign up themselves at a reduced price. Perfect for smaller teams or institutions with athletes and parents wanting to go the extra mile. 

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Educate and Inspire your athletes and their parents by learning from the best.

Athlete Wellbeing






And so much more...

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Athletes:



Learn from the best

Allow your athletes and parents to learn from the exact athletes they aspire to be like.

Keep athletes motivated and engaged

Inspire your team's athletes and parents to better themselves on and off the field.

Learn from anywhere, anytime

Enable your athletes and parents to effortlessly learn and improve 24/7 and in their own time. Talent development should not be limited to an in-person workshop!

Improve performance and wellbeing

Increased engagement, education and motivation will help to improve athlete performance, wellbeing and retention. 


Access for institutions and teams enables your athletes and parents to access our expert guidance instantly.

🥇  Improved Performance and wellbeing as athletes and beyond

👩‍💻  Unlimited access to all athlete and parent content

🤑  Discounted access



Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven't convinced you already...

Everything from:

  • Elite Athlete Q&As

  • Nutrition

  • The importance of Sleep 

  • Emotional Support

  • Competitions

  • Training and Competition

  • Anti-Doping

  • Safeguarding

  • Family impacts

...and so much more will be added as we go!

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To become a partner and access the content, simply reach out via the form below and we'll be in touch.

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We will work together to ensure the onboarding process is seamless for all involved.

We know your athletes and parents will love the platforms, however, if for whatever reason they decide it's not for them, we can work together to ensure optimum value for money and next steps.

The Athlete Place have created platforms that cater to parents and young athletes across every sport. Content will be added and improved as we go.