Meet The Team


Joe Fuggle

I'm Joe, Founder and Director of theathleteplace and former GB junior 400m hurdler. Born and raised in East Sussex, I am 22 years old and now based at Loughborough University. I have been involved in high-level athletics for 10+ years and am now using my experience, knowledge and passion of helping others to create a brand supporting athletes and parents in track & field. I want to positively impact those in the sport for years to come. Realising that there wasn’t enough support for athletes whilst also noticing an increasing number either going through tough times or quitting altogether, was the reason I set up theathleteplace™️. Personally, I love supporting others and helping someone achieve something, for some reason, makes me happier than doing it myself, don’t ask me why but it does! But it’s knowing that we’re providing something that will hopefully make track and field a happier, more fun, and less lonely community, that is the best feeling. Initially designed to support athletes, it wasn’t long before we realised that parents too could probably do with a bit of support, which leads us here!

Caroline Fuggle

I'm Caroline, Co-Founder of theathleteplace Parent Hub and long-suffering Mum of Joe! I’ve followed track & field for decades and love everything about it, so Joe deciding to pursue it as his chosen sport was like winning the lottery! Needless to say, I’ve been there every step of his athletics journey, through the highs and lows and have felt lucky to have been so involved. As a single parent, this journey hasn’t always been easy and there have been more than a few difficult times but, overall, the last 10 years have been amazing. Meeting like-minded athlete-parents has definitely been one of the highlights, resulting in several great friendships, friends that totally ‘get’ the issues and emotions and who are equally as excited for each other’s kid’s achievements as they are for their own. My ‘athletics family’. Qualifying as a coaching assistant has given me a better insight into the sport, from a parent’s perspective, ultimately leading to an interest in sport psychology and me returning to university at the grand age of 54 to study a BSc in Psychology (Sport & Exercise) which then led onto an MSc in Applied Exercise & Health Science and me doing a further Diploma in Health Coaching and Nutrition Therapy. I’m passionate about athlete wellbeing and firmly believe that the journey should be an enjoyable and fulfilling one for both athletes and parents.