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Mindset (all sports)

An athlete’s mindset determines everything from confidence and motivation to their general outlook on life. Knowing how to optimise it and the warning signs that things aren’t quite right can help keep an athlete on track, literally.

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Goal Setting with Chris O'Donnell Oly

🎥 1:16

Pressure of Expectation

🎥 4:55

Doing More Doesn't Always Bring Success - an Experts View

🎥 5:57

The Mind and Performance - an Experts View

🎥 4:51

Mind Games

🎥 3:24

Advice to Young Athletes Not Making International Teams Yet


Dealing with Pre-Competition Nerves


Dealing with injuries


Mindfulness as an Athlete


Visualisation as an Athlete


How to stay motivated


The Importance of Confidence


Pros and Cons of Being Good at a Young Age


Learning from People Better than You

🎥 3:25

Advice to Successful Young Athletes

🎥 2:03

Staying Motivated after an Important Competition

🎥 1:55

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