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How Much Sleep Should a Young Athlete Get?

🎥 3:29

Importance of Sleep for Performance

🎥 2:18

Does a Lack of Sleep Actually Impact Performance?

🎥 3:08

Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Athlete's Sleep

🎥 1:51

Weekend Lie-ins are NOT beneficial!!

🎥 5:19

Small Improvements and Changes Add Up!!!

🎥 1:10

Why Could Sleep Habits Are Important

🎥 5:08

It's down to Your Athlete to Implement Positive Habits...

🎥 3:40

Impact of Caffeine on Sleep

🎥 4:06


🎥 3:13

How to Fall Asleep Quicker

🎥 3:16

General Tips for Better Sleep

🎥 3:41

Top 5 Sleep Tips for Athletes

🎥 5:10

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