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Training (athletics-specific)

Nothing is more important for an athlete than a good training set-up, in other words, the coach, the training group, and the club itself. The amount of time spent in this environment means it has to be an enjoyable one… for both athlete and parent.

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What Kit to Buy Your Athlete


Finding the Right Club and Coach

🎥 2:36

Changing Clubs

🎥 3:32

Changing Coach or Training Group

🎥 2:04

Getting into Coaching/Volunteering

🎥 1:30

Specialising vs Generalising in Athletics

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Multiple Sports as a Young Athlete - an Expert/Athlete's View

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How Often Should My Athlete Train?

🎥 2:35

How Does Training Differ throughout the Year?

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What's the Difference between 'Gym' and S&C (Coming Soon)


When Should My Athlete Start Going to the Gym? (Coming Soon)


What Are the Implications of Starting to Soon?


What Should They Be Doing in the Gym? (Coming Soon)


Should Young Athletes Be Supervised in the Gym?


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